The field of dentistry has changed immensely over the past decade. New technology and materials have made the difficult task of replacing missing teeth much more predictable, effective, and successful. We think you will agree that our patients truly benefit from these advancements.

Titanium Implants

In the early 1950’s, Swedish scientist Per-Ingvar Branemark observed that titanium could bond with bone. He termed this process osseointegration. Since then, systems have been developed using titanium dental implants for tooth root replacement and other medical applications.  Over the last 40 years, implants have become the most successful treatment in the whole field of dentistry.

What this means to the patient is that a missing tooth/teeth can be replaced without compromising the structure of surrounding teeth, as when placing a bridge. Where a bridge may have to be replaced 2-3 times in one’s lifetime, studies show that implants can last for life, and thus saves money in the long run. For patients with ill-fitting dentures, implants can be placed to anchor the denture and ensure that it doesn’t move and/or cause discomfort.

Treatment Options

At The Dental Shoppe we understand that every patient’s needs are unique. Therefore, we offer you a variety of dental implant options to suit your smile and your lifestyle.

Implants For Replacement Of Single Teeth

The most common form of implant therapy consists of replacing a single tooth that has been lost for various reasons.  After having discussed the treatments options available, the cylindrical implant will be placed by either an oral surgeon or a periodontist.  Healing times vary with each case.  In some cases, a tooth can be placed immediately.  For most cases, a temporary tooth remains in place for 4-6 months until the implant can become fully integrated into the jaw bone.

Implants to Secure Your Dentures

For those patients who are happy with their dentures but seek to secure the ‘loose feeling’ they have in their mouth, we can use two or three implants with attachments to keep a denture in place and support chewing forces. The denture itself would sit on the gum tissue for support of the chewing forces, however, it would be secure and not fall out as the implants and attachments would hold it in place.

If a patient requires further support, Dr. Winnicki can incorporate additional implants splinted with a non-removable gold bar. A smaller, removable “denture” is made to snap into place overtop of the bar. This technique creates a solid, stable and comfortable set of teeth that won’t shift while eating or talking but can be removed for easy cleaning.

Implants to Support Multiple Crowns and Bridges

For patients who need single crowns or bridges, we can use implants as abutments or supports. These teeth are permanently cemented or placed and are the closest you can get to having real teeth again. In some cases these implants and crowns can be made to look exactly like a natural tooth. Of course, this is dependent on how much gum and bone atrophy has taken place prior to placing the implant – the majority of atrophy occurs within the first six months of a tooth extraction. For those patients considering an implant to replace a tooth, for the best chance at success, we recommend not extracting the tooth until the area has been assessed and a final treatment plan determined.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Enjoy all of life’s pleasures.  Dental Implants can help you to eat better, feel better and look better.

10 Benefits of Permanent Implants

  1. Stabilize your mouth. Maintain healthy adjacent teeth, stop long-term decay and prevent   bone loss.
  2. Reduce the stress on your remaining teeth. Implants take some of the load, reducing the forces on adjacent teeth, allowing them to strengthen up.
  3. Regain your self esteem and look younger, naturally. Improve your smile, increase soft tissue support and ‘fill out’ your face, preventing cheek collapse and thinning of the lips.
  4. Enjoy food again. Improve your bite, your biting force, and taste sensation. Comfortably enjoy steak, apples, nuts. No more food trapped between dentures and gums!
  5. Increase your digestion by being able to chew your food thoroughly with less gagging.
  6. No more pain. Eliminate hot and cold sensitivity.
  7. Feel secure knowing your implants use titanium alloys which are very biocompatible – bone grows right against the surface.
  8. Feel confident speaking, knowing your teeth are solid. Implants provide a better foundation for speech.
  9. Reduce surgery time. Most surgeries are simple, procedures are often less than 90 minutes, can be done in the office and in some cases an immediate implant can be placed. Total treatment time is often less than 4 months.
  10. Maintenance is easy. And with a 98% success rate compared to crowns or bridges, you can be sure your implants will last.

If you have questions or concerns about how implant dentistry can benefit you, do not hesitate to ask – The Dental Shoppe would be pleased to assist you!

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